Innovative concept and cost-effective
Covering the globe and empowering the future

Multiple selections of products
Diversified crypto financial services
One-stop solution to all your problems

500,000 registered users
200,000 community users
Coverage around the global

Opportunity to invest in quality projects at the early stage
Consolidating industry resources

Crypto Currency Spot Transaction

Super matching
scheme, access to
the liquidity of the
world's top 3 Exchanges

coins such as BTC, ETH,
XRP, EOS, LTC and various
innovative blockchain
token projects.

Comprehensive and diverse
project services, such as
market value management
solutions and global promotions.

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C2C Crypto Currency Trades

Supporting token
trading in mainstream
public chains such as

Margin mechanism
in full ensuring the
safety of funds

Simple process and high
transaction efficiency

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Cryptocurrency Interest Bank

Fixed or Demand Deposit for BTC and ETH
Multiple Crypto Growth Options

The Best Crypto Investment Platform

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Uwallet crypto storage structure

Decentralized wallet supporting multiple
coins and saving features

Leading enterprise solutions,
hot & cold - end segregation

Uses multidimensional verification to guarantee assets

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Dapp Community

10 million dollars project incubation fund

Interest blockchain game features

Network-wide resource sharing