Purchase Notification

You need to transfer the assets from transaction account to the investment account before you purchase. And you can check the details in the investment account.

After purchasing wealth management products, the assets will be frozen during the investment period, and the proceeds will be settled after investment cycle. After the end of the period, the principal will be automatically thawed and credit to account with the interest. (PAX currently has no current interest earnings)

If you deposit 100 PAX to purchase a PAX-1 term deposit product, the product cycle is 180 days and it is 13% annualized. The proceeds after 180 days will be 100*13%*180/365=6.4109. Then the principal 100 PAX is unfrozen and converted to current account (PAX currently has no current interest earnings);While the interest 6.4109 PAX is transferred to current interest account without compound interest.

MGDA reserves the right to determine the final interest rate and the right to issue it.